Grass is more likely to be stressed in the heat of the summer, so do not aerate or apply fast-release fertilizers while the lawn deals with the heat.  Some perennials like phlox, beebalm, and delphiniums can benefit from being staked.  You can still plant beets and carrots for a fall crop.

7     Fertilize flowers and vegetables, especially potatoes and corn

11   Deadhead perennials

15   Recycle nitrogen and organic matter by mulch mowing lawn instead of bagging

28   Watch for garden pests


Watch for signs of powdery mildew on roses.  Don’t let insect pests like squash bugs, cucumber bettles, aphids or whiteflies eat your veggies before you do.  If you see lots of small moths fluttering around in your lawn, this may indicate the presence of sod webworms.  They are laying eggs that will soon hatch into caterpillars.  Continue to pull, dig, or spot treat weeds as they appear.  Don’t let them grow so fast that they produce seeds.


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