Now is the time to plant!  It’s not to late for annuals, perennials and veggies.  Pansies are starting to lose their vigor as the heat arrives.  You can replace them with other annuals such as salvias, marigolds and zinnias.  Daily misting of foliage on recently transplanted shrubs and bushes helps to ensure late plantings make it successfully.

3     Prune spring blooming shrubs after they finish blooming

6     Thin apple, peaches and apricots

12    Apply slow release fertilizer to lawn.  Use broadleaf weed killer if necessary.

15    Fertilize annual flowers and vegetables.

23    Treat trees and shrubs for borers.


Aphids may be on the rampage now, so take action to wash them off infested plant parts.  Pick off heavily infested tips or leaves and dispose in trash.

Chlorosis may appear on certain shrubs; you will notice the foliage becoming pale or yellowing between darker green veins.  This is usually and indication of iron deficiency.

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