395 S Deseret Drive, Kaysville UT 801-546-1372


  • DELIVERY: Call in your orders for your upcoming jobs and we will locate, hold, maintain, and deliver your order when your job site is ready. Delivery is available Monday thru Friday.
  • DIRECT SHIP: We can ship your order Direct within 7-10 days of your order placement and save you up to 20%.


Sales Reps

Brent Dayton: 801-301-4472,  brent@tricitynursery.com

Chris Kimball: 801-920-4555,  chris@tricitynursery.com

Merisa Burn: 801-807-9827,  merisa@tricitynursery.com

Daniel Rodriquez: 801-309-5086,  daniel@tricitynursery.com

Cris Munson: Shipping & Receiving  801-510-2941,   cris@tricitynursery.com

Jeff Moore-  General Manager  801-546-1372


Fax: 801-544-3313