Tri City Nursery is now selling Flagstone chips from StoneCover LLC!

Do you crave variety?

Do you appreciate being offered products that are naturally beautiful, lasting and unique?

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Flagstone Chips are simply, beautiful stones. A new multi-functional, decorative landscaping rock you will love with almost twice the coverage per square foot vs. gravels. Flagstone chips come from the beautiful mountains of central Utah. These flat chips are shale made from ancient sediment layers that have hardened into stone. Over millions of years, layer after layer of sediment hardened and formed these shale stones. The unique compression and binding ability of the 1/2″,  1″, and 2″ sizes make it an ideal surface for strollers and wheelchairs. Surround your backyard fire pit, walk with bare feet, roll or ride driveways and pathways with comfort and ease. Tri City Nursery is selling StoneCover Flagstone Chips in 1/2″,  1″, and 2″ sizes in bags and bulk totes! Call (801) 546-1372 for more information or visit us at 395 S. Deseret Drive in Kaysville.

Watch this video from StoneCover LLC for more information:
StoneCover LLC Flagstone Chip Premium Pathway Installation

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